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Состояние оппозиции в Азербайджане.

12:17, 04 ноября 2009

IWPR опубликовал статью про состояние оппозиции в Азербайджане. Спросили и мое мнение. Не отказал.

Special Report: Opposition in south Caucasus
Bickering Undermines Azeri Opposition Credibility

They have an uphill task but disunity gives the government an easy ride.

...Most independent observers, however, say both sides are talking nonsense. The government does not allow the opposition to compete in any meaningful way, while the opposition’s own squabbles make it unelectable, according to Gorgud, a well-known blogger in Azerbaijan who keeps his real name secret.

“If we had elections for a mayor of Baku, you could understand these ‘scraps’. Then every oligarch would buy an opposition party and would fight for this profitable job, because Baku contains 90 percent of all the financial resources of Azerbaijan. But we do not have an elected mayor; he is appointed by the president, and the municipalities do not have any real power. This means only the personal ambitions of the opposition leaders lie behind all these rows,” he said...