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Wikileaks: армяно-турецкие протоколы

15:15, 29 ноября 2010

Итак, доказательство от американцев о том, что карабахский вопрос не стоял в секретной повестке протоколов


S E C R E T ANKARA 000126 (From Wikileaks)


¶19. (S) The signing of the Protocols to reestablish 
Turkish-Armenian relations and open the common border in 
Zurich on October 10 was a landmark for the region. However, 
neither Turkey nor Armenia have taken steps toward 
ratification; the GOT argues that progress toward withdrawal 
of Armenian forces from Azerbaijani provinces surrounding 
Nagorno-Karabakh is a pre-condition. (Note: This was 
not/not part of the agreement, and not a position the U.S. 
supports. End note.) Future relations will nevertheless 
still be heavily linked to the 1915 "Armenian genocide" 
issue. Any U.S. determination of the events of 1915 as 
"genocide" would set off a political firestorm in Turkey, and 
the effect on our bilateral relationship -- including 
political, military, and commercial aspects -- would be