Unidentified persons' "hunt" for girls without headscarves

On June 5, the capital of Chechnya saw several incidents, when unidentified persons in camouflage and masks were shooting paintballs from passing cars at the girls who were in the streets without headscarves. Eyewitnesses say that one of the attacked girls was even hospitalized with a heavy trauma.

“One such accident took place near the shopping centre “Berkat”, and one or two more – in the avenue in central Grozny. In all the cases the figurants are some strangers in military uniform and masks, who opened paintball fire from passing cars on girls and women without headscarves. I can’t give particular names or details, but these incidents really took place," an activist of a local NGO, who preferred to remain anonymous, said on this occasion to the “Caucasian Knot” correspondent.

01 октября 2010, 16:30